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3 of the Best Remote Desktop Extensions for Chrome

3 of the Best Remote Desktop Extensions for Chrome

You wouldn’t know it, but Chrome is actually a very powerful platform for app developers. Lots of apps have been created over the years that run directly on top of Chrome. Remote desktop apps are no different. There is an entire group of Chrome apps that make it possible to connect to and control computers remotely.

You may notice that the popular VNC Viewer for Chrome extension is no longer included in this list. That’s because the developer stopped supporting the Chrome extension, and it’s no longer available on the Chrome Web Store. (You can still grab VNC Viewer for most platforms through their official website.)

With that out the way, here are the best remote desktop extensions for Chrome!

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Users looking for the easiest and quickest way to access a remote computer from Chrome should consider using Google’s official remote desktop client. It makes it very easy to connect to remote computers. All major operating systems are supported (macOS and Linux variants).

3 of the Best Remote Desktop Extensions for Chrome

Chrome Remote Desktop makes it easy to share your own computer or access someone else’s directly over the Internet and even supports making pins for quicker access. When it comes to remote desktop tools for Chrome, the official client is clearly the best and is one everyone should check out.

2. Teamviewer Remote Desktop

Teamviewer is a name that everyone is familiar with and for good reason: they’ve been around for quite a while and help many people remotely access computers around the world (and have been doing so for years). With this program, it is possible to access contacts, computers, Teamviewer chat support, and more.

3 of the Best Remote Desktop Extensions for Chrome

Those looking to access or share computers might want to go with this app for Chrome. Why? Everyone has heard of Teamviewer, and because of this, many people will already have it installed on their system. This means users on the other end will not need to change their workflow, and the ability to remotely access computers can be done with Chrome.

3. Zoho Assist Free Remote

Remotely accessing computers can be a pain, especially when the person who needs help doesn’t want to fiddle with programs to get everything working. That’s what Zoho Assist Free Remote does best. It’s a free remote assistance tool for Chrome and works much different than the other apps on this list.

3 of the Best Remote Desktop Extensions for Chrome

Clicking on the app in the Chrome bar prompts you to fill out an email. From there the remote user gets a link to join the sharing session. What’s great about this is that the Zoho Assist link will walk the user through a detailed process of how to get the program installed and how to join the connection.

Along with its stellar user-friendliness, Zoho Assist supports all of the basic tools you’d expect in a professional-grade remote-desktop tool (chat, full screen, resolution settings, etc.).

For as tedious as it tends to be, remote desktop apps are a godsend, especially when they’re easy to install right to a browser. If you’re looking for more extensions, then see our list of the best reader extensions for Chrome or this nice bunch of extensions that automate boring browsing tasks.