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Fix: Direct TV Remote not Working

DirectTV is an American satellite television service provider. It has more HD channels than any other provider. Users who like having lots of choices can be satisfied with DirectTV. It offers six different channel packages, while other TV services offer only four. However, there have been many reports by the users that their DirectTV remotes are not working, whether the remotes are new or used ones. Sometimes, users are unable to program the remotes or sometimes the remote will be working fine and stops randomly.

Fix: Direct TV Remote not Working

What Causes the Direct TV remote not to work?

We investigated this particular issue by going through various user reports and the repair strategies that they used to resolve the issue. We found out some of the reasons due to which the remote cannon be working properly.

  • Dead Batteries: Each and every remote run on batteries, if the batteries are dead there will be no power in the remote. Most of the time users are unaware of the batteries and thinks it is the remote problem.
  • Remote not Programmed: You need to pair your remote with the box that you are using. Whether the remote is new or old, it needs to pair with the box for usage of that remote.
  • Broken Remote: If your remote is physically damaged, then there is no way for it to work. Changing the remote or fixing the hardware can help.

Before you move to the methods, make sure there is no problem related to batteries for your remote. After the basic understanding of the nature of the problem, let’s move towards the methods.

Method 1: Pairing the Remote

When you buy the new remote or trying to use old remote on a different box, you need to pair them before it can work for you. It’s the brand’s job to tell you how to pair the remote with the box that you are using for, but sometimes users find it difficult because no guidance or cannot understand the ones they provided. So here is how you can pair your remote for DirectTV.

  1. Press and hold these buttons:
    Mute + Enter

    Fix: Direct TV Remote not Working
  2. On your TV, you will see “Applying RF/IR Setup. Please Wait…
  3. After it is complete, Press Ok and your remote is paired now

Method 2: Resetting the Remote

A better option for paired remote to be not working is resetting the remote. Also, the resetting method is for the used remotes, which can be paired with some other device box. The buttons or the code can be different depending on your remote and TV, but we will provide you the most common and working one. This will reset all the settings of your remote to default ones.

  1. Press and hold these buttons for 3 seconds:
    Mute + Select
    You will see the light blinking twice after 3 seconds

    Fix: Direct TV Remote not Working
  2. Then press this number through remote:
    9 – 8 – 1
    This time you will see the light blinks four times
  3. Now, You need to reprogram the remote after resetting it

Method 3: DirectTV Remote App (An Alternative)

The DirectTV remote app lets you control the receivers or box in your home that is connected to the internet, right from your phone. Using this application on your phone, you can change channels, pause, fast forward, rewind and record your favorite shows. It works just like the DirectTV remote do.

Fix: Direct TV Remote not Working

Note: DirectTV remote application requires a Wi-Fi connection to your home network.