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How to Change the Name and Password of my Wi-Fi network? – Step by Step

How to Change the Name and Password of my Wi-Fi network?  – Step by Step

Then we will see how to change my Wi-Fi network name and password step by step in the simplest way possible. At the same time, we invite you to know the speed of your Wi-Fi or Ethernet network card.

Unlike wired or Ethernet connections, Wi-Fi networks are always exposed to unauthorized third parties connecting to it. Obviously they have certain advantages, such as the possibility of connecting wherever we want, doing it with any kind of device, etc.

However, one of the great disadvantages is precisely that third parties can connect to our Wi-Fi network and this not only does not endanger. But also, it consumes us bandwidth which we are paying for.

To avoid this kind of situation, it is important that let’s change the username and password of our Wi-Fi network. All routers come with a default password. Depending on the internet provider, it is more or less difficult to decipher them. But there are many applications capable of doing it if you leave everything by default.

That is why it is ideal to change this data, especially the password and create one that is really unique and complex without using absolutely anything that is linked to us.

With the correct use of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols, you can be sure that no one will connect to your Wi-Fi network no matter what they do. So let’s see a detailed tutorial for you to learn how to change the username and password of your wireless connection.

On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt that you learn what WiFi is and what it is for, information that every user should know.

Change name and password of my Wi-Fi network

You have two options to know the IP address to which you must enter in order to change the name and password of the Wi-Fi network.

The first and easiest is by looking behind the router. All routers have the IP address that must be entered from a browser accompanied by the username and password that are required to enter.

The other method is to do it through the Command Prompt. For this we press “Start”Or the“Windows“On the keyboard and typed”cmdWithout the quotes, then hit enter.

A completely dark window opens. Here you will have to write ipconfig and hit enter. You see multiple IP addresses.

The only IP address we are interested in is the default gateway which generally starts like this: 192.168.XX.XX. That address is the one you must type in the browser. It can be in Chrome, Firefox, Edge or the browser of choice.

How to Change the Name and Password of my Wi-Fi network?  – Step by Step

How to change my Wi-Fi network data

Now we are going to a complicated part to explain why each manufacturer has a configuration site that varies a lot from each other. We will try to give you the basic notions so that you can change the username and password of your Wi-Fi network

What you should do is try to locate the section “Network name (SSID)“You will realize that you are in the right place because you will be able to see data such as the name of the main network, network name (SSID), WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA pre-shared key, and so on. It is a fairly broad form.

Next, what you are going to do is modify only the parameters that we are going to comment on, it is not necessary or recommended that you modify anything else if you do not know what you are doing.

The first thing we will modify will be the SSID name. Then we go to change the WPA pre-shared key. In the case of the password, we recommend that you try to create one that is really secure by combining numbers, capital letters and symbols. Given this, we recommend knowing which passwords should not be used in a Wi-Fi network.

Once all the changes have been made. You just have to restart the router and that’s it. Now the Wi-Fi will have a new name and password that you entered in the previous step.

Of course, all the devices that were connected to this network will have to be reconnected with the new data.