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3 of the Best Sites for Designing Shirts

3 of the Best Sites for Designing Shirts

If you’re in the market for getting a custom shirt, you’ll want a website that can handle your needs best. It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who just has a great idea for a personal shirt or a company that wants special shirts for an event: there’s something to suit everyone’s needs.

Let’s explore some of the best websites for designing shirts.

1. Zazzle

Zazzle can do all kinds of custom merch, and shirts are no exception. You can get your shirt idea in a men’s, women’s, or baby size, making it a great option for kitting out your entire family with a design.

3 of the Best Sites for Designing Shirts

Zazzle’s editor may be a little basic, but its main forte isn’t just in shirts. You can take a design and put it on mugs, hats, keychains; whatever! It’s a great way to quickly get your branding up and running for fans to buy.

The shirt editor is handy for getting a basic design up and running. You can add text, upload an image, or use Zazzle’s premade vector graphics to quickly design a shirt. The preview at the bottom right shows you in real-time what your design will look like as you tweak it.

2. DesignHill’s PrintShop

DesignHill’s PrintShop is an interesting option, as it’s suitable for both personal and business use. You just have to tweak the parameters so it fits your needs before you order the shirts.

3 of the Best Sites for Designing Shirts

If you’re looking to wear a shirt you can wear or sell, you’ll find a lot of great customization here. You can print art on the front, back, sleeves, and even on a label on the inside or outside. This is great for either creating your own shirts or building your own name in the fashion world.

You can upload an image for your shirt, or you can select from DesignHill’s range of logos and images. All of DesignHill’s templates are organized by special occasions, from the 4th of July to weddings. This makes it really easy to get yourself equipped for a special day.

3. VistaPrint

If you’re looking to equip your business quickly, you can’t go wrong with VistaPrint. While the above options are perfectly fine for business use, VistaPrint goes one step further by offering custom business-related products.

3 of the Best Sites for Designing Shirts

For example, you can use VistaPrint to create shirt uniforms for your workers, then use the same website to create business cards, posters, brochures, and stickers. This means VistaPrint is the ideal one-stop-shop for creating business assets to make your company stand out.

If you want to go in-depth with your design, VistaPrint lets you download a Photoshop or Illustrator template for their shirts. You can then design your shirt using your favorite software suite before uploading it onto VistaPrint’s editor. This makes VistaPrint the best choice if you want to use your own software instead of a web editor.

Wear It With Pride

Whether you’re trying to create some personal fashion or want to equip your business with shirts as fast as possible, there are websites to handle your needs. We’ve covered some of the best above with varying focus on consumer and business use.

Do you have plans to make a shirt? Let us know the details below.