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Vivaldi vs. Opera vs. Brave: Which Is the Best Chrome Alternative?

Google Chrome has for the longest time been the most reliable and powerful web browser. There is no doubt that Chrome is still a fantastic web browser used by millions every day, but concerns may mean you're looking for an alternative.

Vivaldi, Opera, and Brave are all compelling, but not as popular as Google Chrome. But, they each come packed with unique features that their users love. So let’s take a closer look at these browsers, and decide which of the three is the best Chrome alternative.

Design on the Three Browsers

Even though Vivaldi, Opera, and Brave are all based on the open-source Chromium project (similar to Google Chrome), they are pretty different in terms of design. Vivaldi, for instance, has a super-customizable interface that is truly unique.

Vivaldi vs. Opera vs. Brave: Which Is the Best Chrome Alternative?

You can set up Vivaldi with as many customizations as you want–you can go crazy in deciding between a minimalist interface to a feature-packed UI that offers you the best of Vivaldi. Theme customization is another colorful feature within Vivaldi that gives you unprecedented creative power.

Vivaldi vs. Opera vs. Brave: Which Is the Best Chrome Alternative?

Opera and Brave have very clean and sleek user interfaces, similar to Google Chrome, but they're not quite as customizable. If you want a browser that eases your transition from Chrome, then Opera and Brave will feel familiar.

Tabs are easily accessible from the top bar, and there is even a sidebar that you can customize with different applications. You can even set up Brave and Opera in a dark theme or choose from a range of other available themes.

Which is best? Vivaldi Browser

The Three Browsers' Features

Each of these browsers offers unique features to each type of user.

Vivaldi has plenty of intuitive features that enhance productivity, customization, and even mouse and keyboard shortcuts. With Essentials, Classic, or Fully Loaded mode, Vivaldi offers you loads of flexibility that suit your lifestyle. You can use Vivaldi’s built-in notes to create notes quickly, and there's also a screen capture tool that you can use to snip selections or full-page screenshots.

Vivaldi vs. Opera vs. Brave: Which Is the Best Chrome Alternative?

On Vivaldi, you'll also find a built-in email client, calendar, and even an RSS feed reader. If you are not entirely comfortable using popular translation tools, you will love Vivaldi’s built-in translation feature. Moreover, Vivaldi gives you a helpful web history that allows you to analyze browsing patterns. Finally, Vivaldi offers stacking tabs to save time, and keep your screen organized.

Opera has several innovative features that have made it the preferred browser for many people. Features such as built-in snapshots, a free unlimited VPN, and even a battery saver have made Opera a solid alternative to Google Chrome.

You can also integrate your favorite messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram right into your sidebar. Going further, you'll find a built-in ad blocker, crypto wallet, and the option to securely share files right through your browser.

Vivaldi vs. Opera vs. Brave: Which Is the Best Chrome Alternative?

Opera’s sidebar is undoubtedly the most dynamic and valuable tool. In addition to integrating your messaging apps, you can add a host of different extensions into the sidebar. Since Vivaldi, Opera and Brave are all Chromium-based, they are compatible with most Chrome extensions.

On the other hand, Brave does not have flashy features because its sole focus is giving the user control over their privacy (we’ll cover more on that in the next section). It also has a built-in VPN similar to Opera, and imports all of your existing bookmarks and settings from your old browser, but that's pretty much everything.

Which is best? Opera Browser

Privacy and Security When Using the Three Browsers

Google Chrome has its share of data privacy issues. If data privacy is your primary concern, it might be worth switching to the unparalleled level of privacy offered by Brave. Brave is the result of a business model that respects and prioritizes user safety.

Vivaldi vs. Opera vs. Brave: Which Is the Best Chrome Alternative?

Not only does Brave protect you from malware on the internet, it also prevents tracking to keep your data safe and secure. Brave servers do not store or see your browsing data, as your browsing data is restricted to your device.

In addition, Brave will block ads, prevent browser fingerprints, control cookies, block scripts, and provide HTTPS upgrading. Brave does one thing really well, and that's keeping your digital footprint safe and secure.

Opera and Vivaldi also provide some stellar privacy features. Opera offers a free VPN that the company claims reduces online tracking. Vivaldi, on the other hand, offers tracking settings and blocks harmful ads automatically.

Which is best? Brave Browser

The Three Browsers' Performance

Brave loads pages up to three times faster than Google Chrome, consumes 33 percent less memory, and saves you one hour of battery life. That is quite impressive for a web browser that provides immense privacy.

Similarly to Brave, Opera is also quite powerful and doesn't consume as much memory or system resources as Google Chrome. We tested Brave, Vivaldi, and Opera on the industry-standard WebXPRT3 browser test, and the results were as expected. Opera and Vivaldi achieved scores of 76 and 81, respectively, whereas Brave performed comparatively better and obtained a score of 83.

Which is best? Brave Browser

Which Browser Is the Best Chrome Alternative?

A few years ago, there weren’t many solid alternatives to Google Chrome, but today this is not the case. From our comparison, Brave is the best alternative browser overall. But, each browser performs well in one particular area, so it's easy to choose the one most suited for you.

If you are looking for a browser packed with unparalleled customization features, you should opt for Vivaldi. On the other hand, if your sole focus is privacy protection or fast performance, you should start using Brave. But if you're a Chrome user, Opera is more likely to give you a similar experience.