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  1. Microsoft aiming at Digital Inclusion with Acessibility Features in Office 365

  2. Office 365 U.S. Government Features, Pricing and Plans

  3. 10 best free Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook

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  6. Microsoft StaffHub lets you manage, communicate and share content

  7. Send your content to Sway, with Send to Sway add-in for OneNote

  8. Microsoft School Data Sync: Online classroom automation solution features

  9. Add, remove, or modify Trusted Locations in Microsoft Office

  10. Office 365 offers Secure Score, Threat Intelligence, Advanced Data Governance

  11. Using Office 365 Virtual Health Templates with Skype for Business

  12. The Get & Transform feature in Microsoft Excel

  13. How to get Stock Quotes in Excel

  14. How to hide Most Recently Used Fonts list in Word

  15. Record a Macro to create Shortcut Button for Multiple Formats in Word and Excel

  16. How to Graph An Equation in OneNote for Windows 10

  17. How to solve Equations in Excel using Solver Add-in

  18. Enable or disable Ctrl+Click shortcut to open hyperlinks in Word

  19. Review of Microsoft Office for iPad

  20. How to enable, disable or remove Microsoft Outlook add-ins

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