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  1. How to Join Images Vertically or Horizontally on Your Mac

  2. How to Add a Recent Items Stack to Your Dock in OS X

  3. How to Hide the OS X El Capitan Update Banner in the Mac App Store

  4. How to Download and Perform a Clean Install of OS X El Capitan

  5. How to Show the Current Path in Finder on Your Mac

  6. How to Hide Inactive Windows on Your Mac

  7. Mia for Gmail: Access Gmail from Your Mac’s Menu Bar

  8. How to Add a Startup Sound to Your Mac

  9. How to Turn Off Autocorrect on Your Mac

  10. How to Run Websites as Apps on Mac Using Chrome-based Epichrome

  11. How to Pin Sites to the Safari Browser in OS X El Capitan

  12. How to Check a File’s Checksum on a Mac

  13. How to Get Videos to Float Over Existing Windows on a Mac

  14. How to Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription from Your iOS Device or iTunes

  15. Easily Download All Images from Web Pages in Safari with Automator

  16. How to Delete Files Faster in OS X El Capitan

  17. Using Text Shortcuts on Mac

  18. How to Set a Video as a Screen Saver on Your Mac

  19. iMyfone Umate Review

  20. How to Disable All Notification Alerts on Your Mac

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