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  1. What are constants in Kotlin and how to create them?

  2. Extend data class in Kotlin

  3. Difference between List and Array types in Kotlin

  4. What is the Kotlin double-bang (!!) operator?

  5. How does the reified keyword work in Kotlin?

  6. How to get the current index of an array while using forEach loop in Kotlin?

  7. How can I get a random number in Kotlin?

  8. What's the Kotlin equivalent of Java's String[]?

  9. How to call a function after a delay in Kotlin?

  10. How to convert a List to a Map in Kotlin?

  11. How to remove Malware from Android?

  12. How to iterate over a Hashmap in Kotlin?

  13. Throw Custom Exception in Kotlin

  14. What is the equivalent of Java static methods in Kotlin?

  15. How to check if a lateInit variable has been initialized in Kotlin?

  16. Kotlin – Property initialization using by lazy vs. lateinit

  17. What is the difference between const and val in Kotlin?

  18. What is the difference between var and val in Kotlin?

  19. How to initialize an array in Kotlin with values?

  20. Sort collection by multiple fields in Kotlin

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