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  1. How to display dropdown in ReactNative?

  2. Explain VirtualizedList component usage in ReactNative?

  3. How to handle navigation from one page to another in react native?

  4. How to handle errors while working with Navigation in ReactNative?

  5. How to handle the error “Text strings must be rendered within a <Text> component” in ReactNative?

  6. Explain ReactNative SwitchSelector Component

  7. How to display date and time picker in ReactNative?

  8. How to show a checkbox in reactnative?

  9. Explain the working of Animations in React Native?

  10. How to display Material Chip View in React Native?

  11. What is the SectionList component and how to use it in React Native?

  12. List some benefits of using React Native for building mobile apps?

  13. Explain working of the Modal window in React Native

  14. How to handle touches in ReactNative?

  15. How to work with Alerts Dialog box in ReactNative?

  16. How to load data from a server in React Native?

  17. Write a program to display Hello World in react native?

  18. How to display loading indicator in React Native?

  19. How to show ProgressBar in ReactNative?

  20. Explain the importance of SafeViewArea in React Native?

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