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  1. What are the differences between the Heap memory and the String Constant Pool in Java?

  2. Why should we use a StringBuffer instead of a String in Java?

  3. Where to use a StringBuffer/StringBuilder than a String in Java?

  4. Does Java support multi-dimensional Arrays?

  5. What are the differences between an Exception class and an Error class in Java?

  6. Can we have a try block without a catch block in Java?

  7. Can we define a try block with multiple catch blocks in Java?

  8. How to add different comments in the Java code?

  9. How can we create a custom exception in Java?

  10. Can we have a return statement in the catch or, finally blocks in Java?

  11. What are the differences between StackOverflowError and OutOfMemoryError in Java?

  12. What are the differences between printStackTrace() method and getMessage() method in Java?

  13. Is finally block always get executed in Java?

  14. How to resolve a NullPointerException in Java?

  15. What are the differences between an application and an applet in Java?

  16. How to use the SimpleDateFormat class to convert a Java Date to a formatted String?

  17. Java Program to set the extent in JSlider

  18. What are the differences between access modifiers and non-access modifiers in Java?

  19. Why AWT components are heavy-weight while Swing components are light-weight in Java?

  20. What is Double-buffering in Java?

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